48°16’ 7.7’’ N | 16° 24’ 47.2’’ E. 2018

mixed media installation
drawings, photos, archival accession numbers, tags, texts, xerox paper, universal pens on acrylic glass, solid (beech) wood 400 × 1100 × 500 mm

xerox paper, pen, picture frame

white chalk, black chalk

While in residence at the Academy of Fine Arts' studio program in Vienna's "tractor factory", I returned to Wiesenthal’s urns. I found factory marks on the ceramic urns during my last trip to Israel, showing they were produced by one of Austria's oldest and biggest porcelain factories.

Our studios were located in a former factory. This factory be the largest part of the Wien-Floridsdorf concentration camp system, where over 400 Hungarian Jews were forced laborers. This camp system was also integrated into Wiesenthal’s glass coffin. A memorial that was placed by a former factory worker, mysteriously disappeared between 1970 and 1996, nobody knows exactly when. As artists we a part of raising the real estate value of this building, but a particular part history of the camp engenders an unwanted narrative in this.

This research project into the building is an effort to relocate the history of forced labor, which was very visible to the local inhabitants and does not lend itself to the “we did not know” narrative. I also want to re-historicize the actual history of the building, as its narratives are chosen selectively by the representatives of the artists location.

Thanks to: Veronika Eberhart, Nadine Lemke

Installation views and details. Photo credits: Nico King