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Fabricated Memory. »Disfruta la naturaleza de otra manera«. 2020 (ongoing)

mixed media installation
glass plate, projection, water, 3kgs of plant bags, 24 fish bags

Xochimilco was the Aztec bread basket of Mexico City's volcanic basin and the city's founding moment. This part of the

city still comprises a system of channels of gardens, sometimes referred to as "floating gardens." Today, there is a stark tension between maintaining the chinampas, its indigenous farming practices, and industrial agriculture, ecological protection and touristic commercialization.

The most beloved of Xochimilco's endemic species is the axolotl. It is a relative to the salamander which exhibits neoteny, maturing without metamorphosis, thus it remains in a permanent larval state. When losing a limb axolotls can regrow them. The axolotl became Xochimilco's mascot, a delicacy, and a business opportunity. Many of today's garden parcels employ axolotl husbandry and exhibits. While it is bred there the axolotl is practically extinct in the canals themselves. Extinct in the wild it only exists as fabricated memory.

In the installation I thematize the entanglement of the everyday with ecological and economical aspects.

studio views. photo + video credits: Nico King, Florian Petzinger