Fugue (Mnemonic territories). 2014

The unexplored territories the memories/
To retrieve the lost I try I try but/
I cannot retain what occurred too elusive to re-think/
Landscapes that do not appear as such yet they work as that/
Negative uncontrolled void of integrity/
insecure and created by abandoned marginality/

The unexplored territories the memories/
To not lose I try to retrieve I try/
I recall and I cry my brother in arms my soul got sick and it died.
Pictures no sounds blur in my head feeling of touch a simple yes/
Aesthetic arrest cessation of heart/
cold and discolored by congenital cyan/

The unexplored territories the memories/
The retrieved to lose I try I try first/
I look for traces deflect and dissect a past in the present/
Benign the malign settling deep in the brain the lights flashing far/
Unfathomable edge leakage of blood/
mulled and innate by a disturbed habitat/

The unexplored territories the memories/
To lose first I try I try but retrieve/
I grew up and grew down was reborn yet was moribund/
Rootless dairy furrows iconoclastic idolatry turns were taken too/
Mechanic moves memory of muscle/
automated and unthought by settled fatigue/

The unexplored territories the memories/
The first I try to lose I try but resort/
I seek and explore the city the rupture of sense and of space/
Disagreed archetypes saline valley lithic verdure tops barren/
Manly made mounds of spring/
countryside utopias improving life last by must/

The unexplored territories the reveries/
Were lost but I try I try to retrieve/
I divest and dispose of all that is left that is still attached/
Workings of memory inscribed and hidden in the territory/
A third-generation of L‘apres coups/
culturally changed reengineered by remembrance/

The unexplored territories the memories/
Try I try to retrieve but last I lose/
I fail and disperse the viciously gold distance in delicate black/
Solitude finds a home in the present woeing the drift of the sensual the tender/
Dream deep nakedness of white/
all wanting wants is limitless deep by deep eternity/

Liminal Architecture. Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem
Lecturers; Nilly Harag, Talia Trainin, Yamit Cohen
Thanks to: Shmulik Twig, Trina Gaard

pop-up book
poem, photos, postcards, cardboard, tracing paper, memories, string