Salzach, H/Allein. 2010

media installation
projection, newspaper articles

I was exploring, fathoming, and depicting the dynamics along a longitudinal section of the river Salzach through photographs of the water surface. The structure of water surfaces is composed by the speed and direction of wind and currents, sediments, regulation infrastructure, human use, barriers, organic and anorganic material entry, weather conditions, solar altitude, colorations, and shadows. It varies through space, seasons, and throughout the times of day. Seemingly homogeneous, water, whether puddle or ocean, reflects the surroundings from our given point of view, while simultaneously unveiling a downward gaze to the underground or other layers, hidden beneath the surface. Water structures contain stories and are immersibly bound to a place’s history. In this dia-slide installation, I superimposed photos of the river with historic newspaper articles, showcasing the sometimes joyful, sometimes tragic, quotidian relationship that the citizens of Hallein have toward their river.