[Your] Right to the City Primer. 2012

primer (booklet) 

What may you do in public space? What are you legally allowed to do? What are you forbidden to do in public space? The little primer »[Your] Right to the City« gives answers to these questions.

The booklet is a toolbox for activating civic engagement and developing sociocultural practices. By elaborating on legal questions behind diverse usages of the public realm, it transfers knowledge and showcases a range of activities for the appropriation of public space.

Managing Editor: Nicole Theresa King Conception: Angelika Adensamer, Willi Hejda, Nicole Theresa King, Elke Rauth Authors of legal information: Angelika Adensamer, Andreas Wöckinger Authors of forms of action: Willi Hejda, Katharina Held, Nicole Theresa King, Elke Rauth Graphic Conception & Design: Atelier Liska Wesle, Vienna/Berlin Graphic Implementation & Illustrations: Nicole Theresa King